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When adidas thinks of raw, it thinks of how it can immerse itself in the culture—sports culture, music culture, fashion culture, and everything that swirls around this vibrant lifestyle ecosystem—so that it not only exposes the company's internal culture to outsiders but also teaches these same outsiders how to influence the internal culture. The result, as Gaudio goes on to mention, is magic: if you can teach your team to operate in a constant state of rawness, figuratively “swimming in the culture,” you end up with results that could never have happened if you had never left the office. This second animation of raw is in-process, which, along with unscripted and in-context, forms the three definitions of raw we're exploring. Who are the top 10 SEO Consultant providers in the UK?

In-process means that technologically immersed consumers demand to be treated as equals, being involved in the process of creation and development, either actively or passively. We want to be insiders. We're no longer content to be spoon-fed new products that appear fully formed in a splashy launch event. We want our voices heard—from the beginning, if at all possible, but certainly as the design unfolds and reaches the launch phase. Regardless of whether this means that we've actually been invited into the studio to help design a product or whether we follow the brand on social media and can see, with our own eyes, what a day in the life of a major celebrity looks like, we're participating in the brand experience in a way that would have been unthinkable a decade ago. Recently, I came across this great place for SEO Expert .

But today, armed with smartphones, social media, and mobile connectivity, we can, and therefore, like all adoption of new technology, once it's possible, it becomes our expectation. “If I can customize my shoes, I will.” “If I can see videos taken by Lebron James in the locker room, I expect to have access to the gestalt of post-game celebration.” “If I can come along behind the velvet curtain and see what Cristiano Ronaldo sees when he's prepping for a game, I expect that I'll see more of this experience—because I follow him, and that's what we expect on the socials I use.” Do you need a quote for Freelance SEO ?

This is the present—and near-term future—of fandom. In-process means we're involved every step of the way. What are the drivers for this desire to be involved in the process? It's helpful to examine these levers to better understand how to replicate them for our own purposes. The collapse of trust sets the stage for a stronger desire for direct participation in the brand/consumer relationship. If we don't trust the institutions around us—including “big business” or even most of the brands we buy, regardless of sentiment—our opinions are colored by decisions made without our input and consent. Clearly, having direct access and the ability to have a dialogue with makers via social media has shortened the gap between producer and buyer to a matter of a few electrons. Its like looking for a place to find the best SEO Freelancer .

We are technologically able to contribute, or at least participate; therefore, we expect to have the option to do so. In addition, we can look to the social psychology of interpersonal influence and see how “scarcity” plays into our perceptions as it relates to brand loyalty and preference. If we're invited into the inner sanctum where decisions are made or inputs are provided, we feel like insiders. We can tell our friends we had a hand in things. We can say we knew about this months ago, before the non-insiders heard of it through official channels. And when this happens, we're more likely to support the final product, regardless of whether our input was implemented or not. We were part of it, and therefore we belong. Moreover, in this age of cynicism, it's critically important that brands not take this approach in a half-heated way. To commit to the full spirit of co-creation is to push this philosophy deep into the brand's culture so that it goes far beyond a check-the-box “need to have” on a product requirement document, where it resides for many companies today. Our normal functional state today is to be distrustful. Does anyone know where I can find the best SEO specialist ?

Our sense of trust in brands is low. For a brand to truly connect on an authentic level and to achieve a sense of rawness in our interactions, we need to not just show up but also constantly communicate this state of being present in everything we do. This brand/consumer relationship is also deeply rooted in personal technology. We are connected to brands in a deeply personal, real-time way at this point, with our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat, YouTube, and other streams of social media always at our fingertips. We're connected to our network of friends and other loose connections and aren't shy about sharing our impressions, good or bad, at a moment's notice. Impressions and perceptions about how a brand relates to the culture are instantly broadcast and rebroadcast countless times a minute. Our respect for the native culture around us and our participation in it can't be easily faked when everyone has a camera, a megaphone, and an opinion in their pocket, along with a deeply felt sense of distrust. With this backdrop in mind, let's explore three ways in-process is animated in the world today, drawing on stories and insights from industry and culture. First up is a deeper conversation with adidas. If you're looking for SEO Services , you've come to the right place.